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Customizing Party in Amsterdam


Lots of fun and creativity was shared yesterday with our first ‘Art Material Customizing Party’ at the monthly Netherlands Burner meeting in Amsterdam.

The concept is simple:

-Invite a bunch of friends, or just random cool people

-Organize some booze, snacks, markers, and pens (doing it in a bar will take care of the first two…..)

-And last but not least: tell people to bring banknotes – preferably dollar bills, but all currencies are welcome!

And then just have fun with money ;-)

Afterwards put all customized art materials in an envelope and bring the envelope to the Transformoney Tree at Burning Man or mail the envelope to us: In the U.S. : Transformoney Tree, c/o Nathan Richard Phelps, 1201 18th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States. In Europe : Transformoney Tree, t.a.v. Daniel Rozenberg, Govert Flinckstraat 404, 1074 CJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you’d like to organize an Art Material Customizing Party as well in your town, please let us know and we will appoint you to become an official Exchanghibition Bank Ambassador. We will send you a special envelope for the art materials, put you on the Ambassador map, and we might even pay you a few Million!

Send us an email at inartwetrust (at) artasmoney (dot) com and we will get you set up!

Everyone participating will receive the specially designed Transformoney 2.0 banknote, which is being designed and painted now, so you can collect enough of them for your whole team when handing over the envelope to us in the desert, or we will send them to you after our desert adventure.

Let’s make this Transformoney Tree grow together.

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