Larry Harvey @ Magna Plaza

It was great to see so many people turn up at shopping night in the Magna Plaza, who didn’t come to shop!

The Infinite bill has now officially been issued and can be obtained through our digital exchange on the spendyourart site, or this coming Saturday when the bank will pop up from 7 PM till 1 AM in Amsterdam across the street from the Brakke Grond as part of the Nuit Blanche Festival.

Here are some pictures by Arthur de Smidt of the Hospages and you can find more of his pics of the evening at his site :-)

Special thanks to the Eddie the Eagle Museum, Kamiel Proost and the Infaders for their energy and input !

Exchanghibition Bank in Magna Plaza Shopping Center

Setting up the exchange booth in the main hall of the Magna Plaza shopping center as part of the Eddie the Eagle Shopping center, which for one month runs in 10 empty shops. to introduce the so-called ‘Post Modern Shopping’ experience. As they say: ‘Shake out your spendthrift and replenish your minds! The Eddie The Eagle Shopping Centre will offer discounting discoveries, discharging sensations, bulimic perceptions, overextended spending power and poignant proficiency sell-outs. ‘Products’ can be purchased and fair physical and mental prices will be asked. 1/3rd of the shops in the building will be ours, so no little joke, but an economic model in which experience will be exchanged, shared and paid; not a bag full but a head full’.

As a try-out of the new location the bank will open small scale from 7 – 9 PM tonight and offer you the chance to exchange your Euros for Millions or Nones :-)