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Article in Dutch Newspaper Trouw – 9th of February 2012 (in Dutch)

The 2012 banknote on Reality Sandwich – January 2012 (in English)

Lost&Found Magazine – October 2011 (in English)

Two page article in Dutch newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’ – 20th of September (in Dutch)

Tuesday issue of the Black Rock Beacon, the Burning Man newsletter – Tuesday 30th of August (in English)

Artist of the Week on E-Junkie – 10th of August

Item on German TV program Bauerfeind - 3rd of July (English with German subtitles)

Exchanghibition Bank on Visual News – 20th of June

Cover of HeART Society Magazine – 24th of May

Guerilla Banking at Central Station on Woostercollective – 27th of APril (in English)

Guerilla Banking on Rebel Art – 19th of April (in German)

Article in Dutch Newspaper ‘het Parool’ – 6th of April (in Dutch)

Article in Belgian financial newspaper ‘De Tijd’ – 26th of March (in Dutch)

Three page article in Vrij Nederland – 19th of March (in Dutch)

Dadara’s presentation at Kom je Ook? – 14th of March (in Dutch)

Dutchproblogger about the blog aspects of the project – 19th of February 2011 (in Dutch)

Article on Science of the Time – 14th of February 2011 (in English)

Article in Trouw Newspaper – 28th of January 2011 (in Dutch)

Article in Bend the System – 18th of Jamuary 2011 (in English)

Post on Groundswell Collective blog – 15th of December 2011 (in English)

Article in Modart – 13th of December 2010 (in English)

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