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Larry Harvey @ Magna Plaza

It was great to see so many people turn up at shopping night in the Magna Plaza, who didn’t come to shop!

The Infinite bill has now officially been issued and can be obtained through our digital exchange on the spendyourart site, or this coming Saturday when the bank will pop up from 7 PM till 1 AM in Amsterdam across the street from the Brakke Grond as part of the Nuit Blanche Festival.

Here are some pictures by Arthur de Smidt of the Hospages and you can find more of his pics of the evening at his site :-)

Special thanks to the Eddie the Eagle Museum, Kamiel Proost and the Infaders for their energy and input !

15 thoughts on “Larry Harvey @ Magna Plaza

  1. A night of many great moments :-)
    I'm really curious to read Kamiel's poem about Money Money Money, as I could not properly understand all of it. Kamiel, can you post it on this blog?

  2. Yes, we were already planning on asking Kamiel Proost to get that poem on this blog. We couldn't properly understand all as well, because there was this Infaders soundsystem playing music in the meantime as well :-)

  3. Hi Guys,
    Yeah, that was very irritating this infaders… but that's probably why they are called the infaders
    So here is my story…:
    Here is my Song:

    I had a Dream, last night (2x)
    On a field in the park
    I saw a Tree, last Night
    And it was shining bright
    as I walked upon
    It was shining bright
    as a smiling Sun

    And then my Eyes could not Believe..!!
    It had the most appealing leaves
    They were all regtangular
    And had numbers and faces
    of Kings and Queens on there

    My blood started pumping
    Boilling, with a rush of Joy
    I thought: Oh my Boy..!!
    I’m saved. I’m Saved.!!
    Oh can’t you see:
    I found the Great Big Money Tree..!!

    I need a Sack
    I need a Back
    I’ll take as much as i can Stack
    A Bag, my Kingdom for a Bag..!!

    And suddenly 1 2 3 Bags
    were right in front of me..

    I filled them all
    Yes i was saved.!!
    Never had to work again
    Untill my dying day

    Over night
    I was a Millionare..!!!
    I could buy rolex, Versace & Gucci
    I would eat Sushi
    From Kate Moss’s Pussy

    I would be One of the Lucky Few
    With Diamonds on the soles of my Shoe
    I would be Friends with the Greatest of the Earth
    Like Britney and Puff Daddy
    Mabey even Lionel Richie..

    I’dd buy a Golden Jacuzzi
    A trip to the Moon
    A Mansion in in Malibu
    I mean what would You… Do.?

    Feeling good feeling Good
    All the money in the World
    Spend on feeling good…

    Oh yes my Biggest Dream would finally come True
    I’d ride a stretched limo HUMMER
    Through da Hood

    Oh Money Money Money…
    It’s so Funny inna rich mans world..
    Aaha aaahahahhhhaaaaaaa

    Pornstars would Yell and Scream
    I’dd fill my pool with Champange
    I’dd Ski down mountains of Cocaine
    And buy a Private Aeroplane.
    See all Them Hookers go insane

    I am so Rich
    I can get just every Girl
    I am so rich
    I can Fuck the Whole Wide World

    Money money money

    I took the Full Bags home with me
    No one should see
    Or else they’dd all be robbing me

    When I woke up
    The bags where
    Still There
    there next to my bed
    A rush of Joy exploded in my Head

    Feeling Good Feeling Good
    All the Money in the world
    Spend on Feeling good
    I was the Richest Man in the Neighborhood

    But then my notes had turned from Green to Brown
    From square to round
    The numbers had all dissapeared, man this was weird..

    And I would dig deeper to see if out there
    The leaves would still be green and square
    With the faces of Kings and Queens on there
    With numbers that made me dream without care

    But I threw Dead Leaves around
    Turning my floor into Forest Ground
    I took Sack 1,
    I took Sack 2
    I started screaming:” OooHooHoooOO..!!!
    Oh No. Where did all my money go..!?”

    I took bag 3 and dug in deep
    A tunnel of dead Old Leaves
    Opened right in Front of Me

    And I fell over
    I fell down
    and tumbeled round
    all around
    & on the bottom there I found

    One Untouched Note

    I could not believe what my Rich Eyes did see..
    This Bill was Worth Infinity…!!!

    I ran to my Computer Screen
    To immediately buy all my Dreams
    I was the Highest Bidder the web did ever see
    And with One Click I bought all our Galaxy

    At First, I do admit
    I wanted to kick everybody out
    No doudt,
    I Just wanted to enjoy my Little Galaxy alone
    It allready fellt quite like Home

    I just needed an army of a Biljon Clones
    To kick all you Losers Out

    But then a little voice inside did tell
    “I will be working endlessly like hell “
    Both day and night
    You’ll have to chase and fight
    Does that feel right.?

    And I thought: You know what I gonna do..?
    I just gonna Boogaloo..!!
    And share all my Kingdom here with You..!!

    Yeah, what the Hell
    It’s my Galaxy
    But I won’t tell
    I’ll share my Wealth
    With You and Me
    And I’ll sing Song to set You Free

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