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Exchanghibition Bank presents infinite amount of money to Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man

The bank’s exchange booth has already popped up in various locations, such as Paradiso and Amsterdam Central Station, and is currently open in the Magna Plaza shopping centre. On the 18th of June visitors will also get the chance to obtain the newest Exchangibition Banknote, the Infinite.The exchange booth will then pop up across the street from the Brakke Grond as part of the Nuit Blanche Festival in Amsterdam, which takes place at various locations in the city from 7pm to 7am.

But before this, on Thursday the 16th of June at 6pm Dadara will present the very first Infinite Banknote, number EB-1-0000001, to Larry Harvey, founder of the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert, in honor of the Festival’s gift economy, which doesn’t allow the exchange of money.

Program so far (all is happening pretty spontaneous, so more stuff might pop up as well)

18.00 meeting in the main hall of Magna Plaza
18.30 presentation of the infinite banknote
19.00 poetry by Kamiel Proost and music by the Infaders who will lead the way upstairs for a drink (or two) at the Eddie the Eagle Museum and Nuit Blanche Headquarters
21.00 end

address: Magna Plaza. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182. 1012 SJ Amsterdam

While a shopping center might, at first glance, seem a strange place to celebrate non-monetary forms of exchange, for the month of June a collective of artists, brought together by the Eddie the Eagle Museum, have taken over several empty stores in Magna Plaza to create the Eddie the Eagle Shopping Centre. This exciting post-modern shopping experience will allow you to exchange experiences, rather than money.

Dadara and Larry Harvey discussing the model of the Dreamyourtopia project in the Nevada desert in 2008

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