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The failed King of the Blind (of the series Money’s Illusion)

The failed King of the Blind

Named by ‘The Country of the Blind’ by H.G. Wells

In this story a mountain climber slips and falls down the far side of a mountain, arriving in a fictitious country, where sight was completely lost over time through disease-stricken genetics.

The mountain climber recites the famous quote “In the country of the blind the one-eyed (man) is king” over and over in his mind, as he sees an opportunity to take advantage of his “gift”.

But the citizens had managed to sharpen their other senses and having never experience sight view him as a madman, or simply having an overactive imagination. At any rate, he never gets to be king.

2 thoughts on “The failed King of the Blind (of the series Money’s Illusion)

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