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Bits & Pieces Part 2

Part 2 (part one can be found here) in what might become a never ending series of, as the title already suggests, bits and pieces, thoughts and experiences, joys and disappointments during the conception, planning and building of the Pool of Plenty and the Exchanghibition Bank.

When I was younger and dreaming of becoming an artist, I always thought artists’ studios were supposed to be a messy affair, filled with a wide array of paint tubes, brushes, empty liquor bottles and unidentifiable objects. Just like these pictures of the studio of Francis Bacon.

Instead this is how my studio floor looked a few weeks ago. The studio wasn’t filled with the nice smell of acrylic paints, but with the slightly less enjoyable smell of printer cartridges. Grant applications and project proposals had to be written, re-written, and re-written once more.

In that period I commuted between my studio and various neighborhood coffee shops (as in the English definition of coffee shop, where people come to drink coffee, not the Amsterdam definition……..), sitting down with a tasty cappuccino and a ballpoint and piece of paper to jot my thoughts down, before returning to my studio to type all on my Mac (just as I am doing now). Amongst the texts written were those for the Netherlands-America Foundation (a brief summary in 250 English words, together with a physical description and timeline) and the Amsterdam Foundation for the Arts (2000 Dutch words including marketing- and communication-plan). And I am not yet done: currently I am working on my Burning Man Art Grant (philosophy in maximum 3000 characters and interactivity in maximum 2000 characters) and application for the Dutch Fund for the Arts. And of course there’s still the ‘pitch’ to be written for the Indiegogo fundraising page and a briefing for the external bloggers………….

Not very rock and roll, I am afraid, but then again, money mostly is not a very rock and roll subject. ‘Sex and drugs and banking’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’, even though money in pre-downloading times was an essential part of that same rock business (especially in huge amounts or rolled up, waiting to be filled with white powder). But no matter if it’s rock or not, money is the core of this project – dealing with money and art. So I decided to make the fundraising part of the project as well. There’s a lot of discussion nowadays in the Netherlands if the government should support the Arts, but nobody seems to question the fact that the government pays a lot of money to banks trying to keep them alive. My Exchanghibition Bank will also need a bailout, but from the people as well. Interesting to see who will pay more: The public or the government? And if the government supports it, what do they support? A bank? Or an art project? You can follow those percentages through graphics at

So we also started a crowdfunding campaign in which the Bank will ask for your Bailout. Yes, that means you! So click below if you like this project and donate before continuing to read………..

And of course, as I almost forgot after all that grant-writing, I am a painter, so making my own money is not that difficult! After all, if a country needs more money, they can just start the press and print millions of crispy new dollar or euro bills, so why can’t I just start printing my own money. And maybe that money might even finance the project; almost too surreal to be real……….

Writing about painting actually made me realize that I should return to my easel again. Get dirty and paint some clean cash!

To be continued after the new layer of fresh paint has dried and my brushes have been rinsed…….

PS The good news is that in the meantime I did receive money from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. A first big step in the right direction. Out of the theoretical Utopian realm into Reality. After all; a new Reality is only a Dream away……

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