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No money in the bank.

Now that I am an artist-in-residence at the ASN Bank, I am getting used to waking up in the morning. At least that’s what I thought.

This morning I had no problem waking up, prepared everything for my day in the office, put on my suit and tie, and then discovered that my wallet was gone……. No money, no credit card, no driving license. All gone. I freaked out, and started looking everywhere. After two hours I realized it really was gone, and having no money and wallet in this world seems to make you feel very hopeless.

Luckily I still found a 10 Euro bill in one of my pockets. Enough for a one-way train ticket to the Hague.

Once in the train I calmed down, and thought it was somehow appropriate that I went to my Exchanghibition Bank office inside the ASN Bank building without money or bank cards. And I thought at least it would make a nice blog post. But still I was a bit worried in the back of my head how I would find some money to eat dinner, and maybe even buy some nice wine. (the luxury problems of a banker).

Of course working in a bank meant I could probably take out a loan, but this of course would mean transaction fees and interest. I could also try to steal some apples from the canteen to at least survive till the next morning. Or I could find a way to pay with Exchahibition banknotes at a restaurant in The Hague. Interesting, but time-consuming option. I was still pondering the various options, when I walked into my office at the same time as a lady from the bank. That lady was Hansje van der Zwaan, who is part of the sustainability policy team, with a focus on human rights.

Anyway. She took out her wallet and told me she wanted to exchange some money into Zeros, Millions, and Infinites ;-)

I love serendipity!

It for sure beats checking into your office with Foursquare.

And now it’s time to enjoy the view from my apartment, which very much feels like the view a CEO of a bank should have from his apartment. A CEO without a money and wallet though………

13 thoughts on “No money in the bank.

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  3. Money isn't everything, but it sure gives you options. Next time you need to send money abroad, maybe try using a service like TransferWise. They have been operating in the UK and Europe for sometime, and just launched in the US. I guarantee they'll save you a couple of hundred bucks! That money is better in your pockets than the bank's!

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