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Like me tender, like me not: the Organic Like Manifesto

What’s the value of Like?

The Like seems to be the smallest denomination of a social currency these days. I ‘Like’ your Facebook page, in return I get… ehh… what do I exactly get? I get your status updates on my Timeline, and I connect my image to whatever cool stuff you promote on your page. And if I don’t ‘Like’, I get an invite to ‘Like’ the page again and again.. or even a phone call where you have to explain yourself why you haven’t ‘Liked’ yet.

How often do you check the number of new Likes on your page, or even compare it with the ‘competitor’s’ Page? All Facebook Page administrators recognize this. Marketing Manager have targets for the number of Likes.


There is no limit on the number of ‘Likes’ one can give. So, what is someone’s ‘Like’ worth 5 years down the road? And why do we nearly worship this currency, whereas it has hardly any value at all? And why can’t we pay our taxes with ‘Likes’?

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Feeling stupid

Let’s be honest. At my company Toogethr we have a like addiction as well. Sometimes we even run Facebook ads to get more Likes. In other words, we are paying Facebook to issue more of this valueless currency… with ‘real’ money. Has ‘Like’ become the world’s first vanity currency?

As a startup, we now and then sign up for a competition. More and more often, to determine the winner there is an expert jury and a public voting campaign… in ‘Likes’. The more Likes the more the public love your product. And this is so wrong. We all know. Is bigger better again?

The Organic Like Manifesto

Therefore I ‘Like’ to introduce a manifesto. To stop Like Obesitas. Getting back to an organic Like, instead of Likes on Steroids. To keep it simple, it’s a manifesto of only three commandments:

  1. Don’t pay for Likes. No Facebook Like ads, no Amazon Mechanical Turk stuff.
  2. Don’t ask for Likes. Yes, I Like your new shoes. But don’t ask me to Like them.
  3. Don’t connect anything to the number of Likes. No contest, no prize drawings.

Do whatever you want with it.

And don’t Like this post. I know you do.

Martin Voorzanger is CEO and Founder of Toogethr

8 thoughts on “Like me tender, like me not: the Organic Like Manifesto

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