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Try Googling “GOD”, “SEX”, “MONEY”, and “ART” and count the results.

But try to order them from highest to lowest before you do…………….

(credits to Charles Davies for mailing us this idea)

5 thoughts on “GOD, SEX, MONEY, ART

  1. Ce type de message toujours inspirant et je préfère lire un contenu de qualité, si heureux de trouver bon endroit pour beaucoup ici dans le poste, l'écriture est tout simplement génial, merci pour le poste.

  2. Haha! I merely adore the web! I understand this might not really assist a lot together with your fictional investigation however it may tickle your own early morning. Make sure you take a look at it's amusing evaluations which are sure to create your own early morning!

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