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DIY Capitalism

The Euro as a currency is one that should have stabilized us as a continent. Little did we know that a few years after it’s presentation we sunk into a deep economic crisis that makes this coin a heavy load to carry instead of setting us free. The painful thing is that ‘we’ as normal citizens often feel left out of the loop. We have no real power to change any of the things that, in the end, will influence our lives.

Time to change that. Time to once more have something physical that represents value instead of digital numbers on a screen. And what better physical thing to use then the things that started this whole mess; the Euro bills. Let’s make something out of nothing. In this project all the graphic details that make up one Euro bill are separated and cast in a clear resin and finished of by hand. Sold separately. This way we create a little stock market. The first one in the series is a 100 Euro bill. More will follow soon. Capitalism in a nutshell. Capitalism for you and me.

Calling the project DIY (Do It Yourself) Capitalism sounds a bit redundant at first. Capitalism wouldn’t exist if people didn’t made it happen themselves. But the economy has become something that has spun out of our control. To play the game of capitalism you have to play by the rules of governments and banks. This project gives your currency back to you in little pieces. Do with them as you please.

You could buy and trade the pieces like valuable artworks. You could just wonder about how these little graphic details make our world go around. You could collect specific pieces and make new compositions. Place upon them the value that you like.

You trade your “real” Euros for something that you hold the power over once more. Whatever you want these pieces to be they will be. If they are just a nice graphic representation of capitalism or a way to invest. Your pieces, your value.

Contact me if you are interested in buying a couple of pieces or the whole series at once.


6 thoughts on “DIY Capitalism

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