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Art as Money: a Square Circle


Art is indispensable. Art is wealth. Art is fun. Art is identity. Art is always in motion. Art is about seining, smelling, feeling and hearing. Art is observing without judgment, Thanks to art I can experience every day as a different day and I can be different every day. Art is about collective mental programming. Art is contagious. Art makes human…human. Art is a lever for renewal. Art is culture. Art binds us and separates us. Art gives us a higher state of consciousness. Art forces us to ask questions. Art is a starting point. Art is the transfer of wonder. Art questions cultures, lifestyles, values, traditions and beliefs. Art is art is art is art. Art is overwhelming. Art is more than money can buy. Art is invaluable, priceless, unpriced, unpriceble but sometimes very expensive. Art isn’t made out of air. Commercial Art is like a square circle. Like warm ice. Like a living skeleton. Like honest advertising.


7 thoughts on “Art as Money: a Square Circle

  1. Art binds people and isolates people. Art presents people a better talk about of brain. Art forces people to help inquire concerns. Art is really a beginning point. Art is the transfer of speculate. Art concerns countries, standards of living, ideals, ways of life and values. Art is artwork is artwork is artwork. Art is frustrating. Art is over dollars can buy.

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