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Alter Ego

This morning was weird. I woke up in my banker’s penthouse with an amazing view of a snow covered The Hague. When I left the building for my walk towards the office it almost felt like a kind of out-of-body experience. Like in one of those movies where the protagonist suddenly wakes up in someone else’s body, and no one knows he’s in there.

I started thinking what would happen if this really was my new life, and I could never go back to my other reality, or maybe even never had another life before my nine-to-five bankers job.

Interesting thoughts in a snowy The Hague. For a few minutes it seemed real, before I returned to freezing reality.

The evening before I had listened online to a talk by Alexander Bard at NEXT Berlin. According to Bard, we are currently developing from Individuals to Dividuals, with each of us having different personalities in the various communities we live in and and channels we’re using. Or as he mentioned during his talk : “Congratulations to everyone diagnosed with schizophrenia. You’re the winners.”

During my week as an artist-in-residence in The Hague I worked on a lot of interesting things, which have direct practical use, such as the introduction of our new banknote, a brainstorm with writer Sanne de Bakker for a children’s book about money, making new money drawings, etc. But I always feel that those new insights, emotions, feelings, and inspirations, which don’t seem to have any direct practical use, are the things which will have the biggest influence in the near future. Time will tell.

After returning home September last year from my money adventures with the Exchanghibition Bank at the Boom Festival in Portugal, and building the Transformoney Tree at Burning Man, it took me a full month to get back to reality mentally as well. In that month of struggling to get back I started to realize that even though I had been living in a very different kind of reality, or even Utopia, for a while, it actually had been the same reality all along. Just different sides of reality.

So instead of longing to go back to that Utopia, I decided it might be much more interesting to bring that other reality back home.

And I think this week as an artist-in-residence at the ASN Bank was another nice step in that direction!

4 thoughts on “Alter Ego

  1. " I woke up in my banker’s penthouse with an amazing view of a snow covered The Hague."- wondering if that view above in the first picture is from the penthouse? Quite awesome!!!

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