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Karel Kindermans: sketchbook


[12.07.12] Expositie van Dadara in Famous, Amsterdam

The immediate occasion for my sketchbook was frustration that was caused by a grabber. From a distance grabbing is easy to recognize. But from close you can’t believe of what you see.

There are some things I do not understand: How for example can it be that one of the richest countries, such as the Netherlands is deep into national debt? That is why I, as a drawing journalist went on a journey of research. Because through drawing I can understand a little bit more of that what I see.

I started a sketchbook to portray an image of the Netherlands nowadays from the ‘money, economy and crisis’point of view. Atlas van Stolk has bought it. The Atlas van Stolk is a unique national collection of approximately 150,000 prints and drawings and, as such draws the bigger picture of our national history. “The Netherlands of today” will become history tomorrow. It will consist of a wide variety of topics: from a public Occupy meeting in Rotterdam occupy, to a meeting of the SER, a shop in the street selling gold, Antillean Catering and an exhibition of an artist who notes that big cuts are happening in the Arts, and banks are being massively subsidized, so as an artist better can start his own bank.

Stories and sketches. Sketches and associations, as the animal tamer, whose lions have little to no say in the show. People with savings also have hardly any say. The bank manager does get a bonus, even if he don’t do a good job.

[28.02.12] Openbare vergadering Occupy Rotterdam, Beursplein Rotterdam

[16.05.12] Voorstelling ‘De Prooi’ van Het Nationale Toneel in de Koninklijke Schouwburg Den Haag

[02.06.12] Dompteur Dieck van Circus Renz op het Multiplein in Rotterdam

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