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Transformoney 2.0 Exhibition 23rd of June

Exhibition with banknote- and moneypaintings, objects, and drawings from the Art as Money and Exchanghibition Bank project. Also the first showing in public of the Transformoney Tree model, which will grow to become a big tree in the Nevada desert, and you can help by bringing a customized banknote to the opening. The coolest banknote will win a limited edition banknote print – these prints will be introduced for the first time at the opening! And last but not least there will also be the introduction of a special coin.

Gallery Famous, Weteringschans 83, 1071 RZ Amsterdam, phone: 020-4235423, open Wed-Sat 11.00 – 18.00

Opening on the 23rd of June between 16.00 and 19.00. Exhibition runs till the 4th of August.

The Exchanghibition Bank will pop up as well, giving you a chance to acquire the new 011000010111001001110100 and 2.0 banknotes, which will be issued during the opening.

And come early so you won’t miss the opening performance!


Expositie met bankbiljet- en geldschilderijen, tekeningen en objecten van het Art as Money en Exchanghibition Bank project. Ook de eerste publieke vertoning van het Transformoney Tree model, dat zal uitgroeien tot een ├ęchte geldboom in de Nevada woestijn en daarbij kunnen jullie helpen door een gecustomized bankbiljet naar de opening mee te nemen. Het coolste bankbiljet wint een limited edition bankbiljet print – deze prints zullen voor het eerst geintroduceerd worden bij de opening! En last but not least is er ook de introductie van een speciale munt.

Gallery Famous, Weteringschans 83, 1071 RZ Amsterdam, phone: 020-4235423, open Woe-Zat 11.00 – 18.00

Opening on the 23rd of June between 16.00 and 19.00. Tentoonstelling is te bezichtigen t/m 4 Augustus.

Opening op 23 Juni tussen 16.00 en 19.00

De Exchanghibition Bank is ook aanwezig, waardoor je de kans hebt om de nieuwe 011000010111001001110100 en 2.0 bankbiljetten, die zullen worden uitgegeven tijdens de opening, te verwerven.

En kom vroeg zodat je de openings performance niet mist!

9 thoughts on “Transformoney 2.0 Exhibition 23rd of June

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  2. Good luck today!
    Thinking of y'all during this 97 degree heat.
    I am certain this will go of superbly.

    A FREAKN coin! – you are a schwag machine!!! — Are you sure you didn't emily Mr.Brainwashes(MBW) team of elves?
    Love and Light to you

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