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Limited Edition Prints

The Zero, Million, Infinite, 2012, 2.0, and 011000010111001001110100 banknotes now also are available as a limited edition print, edition of 40, size: 65,5 x 29,5 cm. You can still take a look at them in real life till the 4th of August at the Famous gallery in Amsterdam as part of the Transformoney 2.0 show. Here you can find the digital pics of the ones available.

If you are interested then you can give them a call at *31-(0)20-4235423 or send an email with your inquiry to .

2 thoughts on “Limited Edition Prints

  1. Wow! The print details are impressive. I like how designers, or graphic designers, actually put an effort to execute something subtle and avant garde at the same time. I would always stop and look at the perth signs I pass by here in our place and envy them, not just because on the design itself, but on how they were able to come up with such idea.

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