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Money Art: When the price becomes part of the art experience

Nowadays there are more and more people and (social) movements questioning the market as we know, trying to shake his traditional fundaments. Artists are one of them, they paint, cut, sculpture, burn and even eat money, they make fake, art and even false money, and they give money a new meaning, a different task or combine it with an idea for change.

As a definition in progress, let us call them Money Artist = Artists, who question any art of market and are using the elements and laws/rules of the market as part of their artistic creation process.

We are one of them and our artistic focus is on the price as an element; on the formation of prices as a law of the market.

Usually the price is something external for the creation of art: The price is suggested by the artist, doubled by the gallery, influenced by so called art-experts and finally decided by the market. Instead of the price being the result of the market, of demand and supply, we entangle date, number and price – somehow like in physics the quantum entanglement. If one of these elements changes the two others have to follow simultaneously.

For example, if we want to create the next art work, which is the next number, we have to do this on the next day, because that’s the imposed artistic rule: If you add one to the number, one day is added to the date and 10 Cent to the value.

In other words: Due to our rule, which entangles number, day and value, we create just one art work a day, but each day one and by that the art work itself determines the financial value and not the artist, the gallery or the ups and downs of the art market.

The interesting point is, although the price is created in a quite unusual way, the outcome is marketable and saleable like any other art work or commodity. What might be new is that the price and the pricing becomes part of the experience of art, part of the aesthetic!

As a diagram:

Sphere of Economics

Sphere of Art

The Law of the Market

The Law of the Quantumphysics

Price = Relation of supply and demand

Price is entangled with number and date

Outcome is marketable and saleable


The explanation “How it works” is part of each art print, written in small letters at the bottom, but we think a visualization might help you to understand our money art concept easier. So please watch the birth of the art work Nr.: 93.6595 / Value: 567,30 € / Date: 14.10.2010:

On the 15.10.2010 we created he next art work with the Nr.: 93.6596  and its value: 567,40 € and so and on …


by Christopher Temt, 2012

P.S. There are still a few old and therefore cheap art works as prints available. Just make your query on our homepage by entering either a number, a date or a specific price and press “Query” to find out if your desired piece of money art is still avaliable !

6 thoughts on “Money Art: When the price becomes part of the art experience

  1. @kmentemt: I am wondering if ,just as some brands of paint are better than others, if some brands of money (euro, dollar etc.) are better material to work with than others?

  2. @daz: We work with the value and then its transformed into existing currencies. Before 2003 it was the ATS, Austrian Schilling, but because it does not exist anymore we changed to the €. If the Euro ends in smoke we will change again, maybe the Neuro?! We cant use the Dollar. because it is already taken by the devil, he use it for his spear.

    Anyway, the best money to work is the Zero! :-)

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