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Money, Money, Money

I had a Dream, last night (2x)

On a field in the park

I saw a Tree, last Night

And it was shining bright

as I walked upon

It was shining bright

as a smiling Sun

And then my Eyes could not Believe..!!

It had the most appealing leaves

They were all rectangular

And had numbers and faces

of Kings and Queens on there

My blood started pumping

Boiling, with a rush of Joy

I thought: Oh my Boy..!!

I’m saved. I’m Saved!!

Oh can’t you see:

I found the Great Big Money Tree..!!

I need a Sack

I need a Bag

I’ll take as much as I can Stack

A Bag, my Kingdom for a Bag..!!

And suddenly 1 2 3 Bags

were right in front of me..

I filled them all

Yes I was saved!!

Never had to work again

Untill my dying day


I was a Millionare..!!!

I could buy Rolex, Versace & Gucci

I would eat Sushi

From Kate Moss’s Pussy

I would be One of the Lucky Few

With Diamonds on the soles of my Shoe

I would be Friends with the Greatest of the Earth

Like Britney and Puff Daddy

Mabey even Lionel Richie..

I’d buy a Golden Jacuzzi

A trip to the Moon

A Mansion in Malibu

I mean what would You… Do.?

Feeling good feeling Good

All the money in the World

Spent on feeling good…

Oh yes my Biggest Dream would finally come True

I’d ride a stretched limo HUMMER

Through da Hood

Oh Money Money Money…

It’s so Funny inna rich mans world..

Aaha aaahahahhhhaaaaaaa

Pornstars would Yell and Scream

I’d fill my pool with Champange

I’d Ski down mountains of Cocaine

And buy a Private Aeroplane.

See all Them Hookers go insane

I am so Rich

I can get just every Girl

I am so rich

I can Fuck the Whole Wide World

Money money money

I took the Full Bags home with me


No one should see

Or else they’d all be robbing me

When I woke up

The bags were

Still There

there next to my bed

A rush of Joy exploded in my Head

Feeling Good Feeling Good

All the Money in the world

Spent on Feeling good

I was the Richest Man in the Neighborhood

But then my notes had turned from Green to Brown

From square to round

The numbers had all disappeared, man this was weird..

And I would dig deeper to see if out there

The leaves would still be green and square

With the faces of Kings and Queens on there

With numbers that made me dream without care

But I threw Dead Leaves around

Turning my floor into Forest Ground

I took Sack 1,

I took Sack 2

I started screaming:” OooHooHoooOO..!!!

Oh No. Where did all my money go..!?”

I took bag 3 and dug in deep

A tunnel of dead Old Leaves

Opened right in Front of Me

And I fell over

I fell down

and tumbled round

all around

& on the bottom there I found

One Untouched Note

I could not believe what my Rich Eyes did see..

This Bill was Worth Infinity…!!!

I ran to my Computer Screen

To immediately buy all my Dreams

I was the Highest Bidder the web did ever see

And with One Click I bought all our Galaxy

At First, I do admit

I wanted to kick everybody out

No doubt,

I Just wanted to enjoy my Little Galaxy alone

It allready felt quite like Home

I just needed an army of a Billion Clones

To kick all you Losers Out

But then a little voice inside did tell

“I will be working endlessly like hell “

Both day and night

You’ll have to chase and fight

Does that feel right.?

And I thought: You know what I gonna do..?

I just gonna Boogaloo..!!

And share all my Kingdom here with You..!!

Yeah, what the Hell

It’s my Galaxy

But I won’t tell

I’ll share my Wealth

With You and Me

And I’ll sing Song to set You Free

Poem performed after the presentation of the very first Infinite Banknote to Larry Harvey

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