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Money as art in 3D (or origami as you will)

Google Wheel is a nice tool to explore the universe as you want to see it. After entering the keywords “money” and “art” it showed me some popular related terms including “money origami”. Cool, I was not aware of this type of street art, provided you spend the money. Here you can find some cool images.

There are even books just about this.

Any nice art works you want to share?

60 thoughts on “Money as art in 3D (or origami as you will)

  1. Haha awesome. I'm totally going to buy that book!

    Next time I'm paying for some apples or a pack of ciggarets, the cashier

    wil be amazed!

    • I don't believe I ever reply one of his problems, but I don't believe this will get deleted. extremely considerate way of with regard to incredible he apparently enjoyed. I lost my father back in 2007, he was only 62 nearly 63 :( It does search out easier as time passes, if only because you become familiar to it

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