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Money as art

If you thought you could only lose or spend money, you’ve been thinking wrong. Money is great material to make art with. While bankers and stock exchange establishments were wasting their and your money over these years, artists and sculptors from around the globe have been creating amazing stuff with theirs.

Money flower


For example there is this artist doing Moneygami, origami made of banknotes from different countries. I can hear you thinking: “this is not that spectacular”. But when I tell you each piece is formed by folding the note in such a way that the resulting miniature emphasizes the face of the leader on the note, it already sounds more impressive I suppose. When I subsequently add the fact that he gives each face a unique hat or garb, representing the culture of the currencies’ country of origin, you have to agree with me this artist is a genius. And so is Justine Smith, a girl making sculptures of banknotes expressing our relationships with, and responses to money, in political, moral, and social settings.

Go to weburbanist to see this and more money-art.

At least, when the government decides to cut costs in arts as is happening now in the Netherlands, these artists have something to sell. It will probably yield more money than they put into it.

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