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Is Art Money?

Money and art are both magical phenomena. Money is only Money if we accept it as Money, and art is only Art if we accept it as Art. If we don’t accept it as money, then money basically isn’t anything more than some colorful printed paper or a heap of stones or shells. If it’s not accepted as art, then art isn’t anything more than a painted canvas or a piece of bended metal. What is it then that makes money different from any other piece of printed paper or wrought metal and what makes art different from any other crafted materials? The difference is trust. TRUST. Money is Money and art is Art because a group of believers trust other believers to accept it in turn as art or as money.

It goes even further. The material art and money are made from is not really significant. Actually most money is made out of nothing; out of computerbits. (The same goes for computerart). We accept certain bits as money and other bits not, as we accept certain bits as art and others not.

What is it that transfers these bits (or these atoms) from worthless bits into art or money? Is it only a mutual agreement? Why do people exchange money for art? (and vice versa). Why do we pay for objectively worthless material? Or even immaterial objects? Pay sometimes a whole lot of money? Are we crazy? Or does it satisfy certain needs and wants?

I can show off with my art, with my big car, my beautiful penis sheath or colorful feathers. My art is more expensive than yours! It’s harder to show off with my money: “My bank account is higher than yours”.

How can I show that huge bank account to the world? Art seems to be a far more effective way to show off than money. Art is the sublimation of money, it is super money. It is the most beautiful penis sheath, money can buy.

30 thoughts on “Is Art Money?

  1. I agree that trust is an important determinant of a well functioning monetary system. Money has no intrinsic value. We trust that its monetary value is stable over time and people accept money broadly in exchanges of goods and services. I am not sure whether trust is the common denominator of art and money. The judgment art is personal. You do not need the trust of other people if you individually decide to purchase the object what you consider as art. The story changes if you purchase art as an investment. You need a large group of people which consider the same object as art. You may call it trust.

    I also agree that art is a status symbol. People with money need art to transform their bank account into a status symbol which gives them identity.

  2. I like the curled up penis sheaters better, they could actually be utilized as a hanging mechanism more efficiently. As far as trust in art values are concerned, that particular political/hierarchical mechanism far out weighs the coat that might hang from the penis sheath in regards to arts proclivity towards potential value fluctuations. Because of that, I trust that the inherent value of great art remain independant from market statistics.

  3. Happy new year to you all…

    The posted comment above is gone useless..
    Your beautiful piece of ART has been SOLD!!
    People can exchange their money for Art.
    If they have the money for it and if they are into buying art for money in the first place.

    Art (creativity) is apparently in at the top of our Maslow Piramide after our basic needs.

    People theirselves are always able to create Art…our Creativity is nothing but the Spirit at work,or an awoken Spirit on a search to share his or her Visions.
    So wether Art is for sale or not…we all need it in someway.
    Now that for me is also Art.
    The Art of our Lives…
    First needs come first, people will always create, money or no money.
    Sometimes people just buy art to feed or show off their Image…so money and art are then both a subsitute for..yeah for what basicly?
    Could we call art a higher form, than lets say..Money?
    We could show off with anyTHING we like…but is that what we want to do with our money, with our Art?

    Money art…thats always a good idea in my opinion, at least we all will have some art in our hands one day.
    Some more, some less.
    Let money be beautiful again (i want Drupsteen back!)..or at least…Dadara does banknotes..thank you!

  4. As individuals, people are inherently good. I have a somewhat more pessimistic view of people in groups. And I remain extremely concerned when I see what's happening in our country, which is in many ways the luckiest place in the world. We don't seem to be excited about making our country a better place for our kids.

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