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Beheading George

14 thoughts on “Beheading George

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  3. I'd personally associate the sensation persons find coming from reading the particular N phrase towards the sensation they will find coming from reading the term diet. That they misinterpret these individuals each. Generally they will indicate exactly the same thing intended for various areas in your life. It is a supervising process. manuscript format

  4. On je sposoben pokazati resnico življenja, tako rekoč, na drugi strani pa je lahko neusmiljeno zasmehovanje in nepristranske človekovih pomanjkljivosti. Piše zelo jedrnato in spretno. Vedel je, življenje in ljudi. V kratki zgodbi lahko odpre cel svet, svet duše, prostor v notranjosti človeka. Na primer, zgodba "Student", se zdi – majhen dve strani zgodbe o tem, kaj lahko rečem? O veliko stvari: o človek išče pot svojega življenja tava v temi, vendar pa kaže, da svetlobo, in po tem, ko ga je pridobil vero našel – secira obzorju linijo zore. – Simbolistično, videnje iskro v vsakem človeku. Zato sem ga ljubim.

  5. Man is a very thankless creature made by God. Man never appreciates what God has given him; he always has the lust to have more. The greed inside a Man keeps him driving day & night to have a better living then the others. Greed for more & more has created many problems in the society. People when frustrated due to their continuous struggle to have a better life sometimes drive them crazy & then crime come to existence. Man never thanks God & is satisfied with the conditions God has kept him in.

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