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Burning Man, here we come!

YES :-) ! Last night we received the email posted below:

On behalf of Burning Man’s Art Grant Committee, I would like to thank you for your art grant proposal. To say we had to make some tough decisions would be an understatement. We received 349 proposals asking for almost $5 million in funding. They included some of the most beautiful, most inspiring, most innovative projects ever conceived for the Black Rock Desert.

 I am thrilled to tell you we have decided to fund your application.

 We really appreciate all the time and effort and creativity you put into this concept, and cannot wait to work with you.

 With great thanks,

Beth Scarborough

Aka Bettie June

Associate Director of Art Management

Burning Man

More news about our new project – The Transformoney Tree – very soon, but for now I just wanted to share the good news!

I will just lift a little tip of the veil; this new project will be the follow-up to the Exchanghibition Bank in Black Rock Desert, so it will again deal with money in that moneyless vast space. And we will need lots and lots of one-dollar bills -not as a financial instrument though, but as a material to create art!

If you are interested to help us out with collecting these physical banknotes then please send us an email to inartwetrust (at) artasmoney (dot) com . We will need the community to make this happen at Burning Man 2012…………

9 thoughts on “Burning Man, here we come!

  1. Can't wait to hear more – real money at Burning Man, which will not be used as money?………hmmmmmm……….it seems you are taking the Bank to the next level – Fertility 2.0 becomes Exchanghibition 2.0 !

  2. This is fantastic news!

    This means for the last three times I will have gone to the playa I will have gotten a chance to see you.:-)
    I get a hug this time.

    You really know how to create intrigue. Can’t wait to see how the money tree comes about.


  3. Votre message est vraiment bonne et instructif fait, je jouis de les lire tous les jours. Je l'ai beaucoup appris à partir de votre poste, vous remercie beaucoup pour le partage de cette belle après. Continuez comme ça…

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