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Burning Banks make money

Money and Banks have been burned before – in 1970 a branch of the Bank of America was burned down during the Isla Vista riots, and in the nineties the KLF burned a million British Pounds. But now an artist is making money by painting burning banks: Alex Schaefer, an LA artist, just sold this 22 by 28-inch painting of a burning Chase bank branch on eBay for $25,000. The Internet sale on EBay attracted 70 bids. Schaefer quickly put another 6-by-8-inch painting of a burning Bank of America branch up for sale and sold it for $3,600.

According to the LA Times the artist drew police attention when he set up his easel in front of the Chase branch to paint this scene and a month later two plainclothes detectives showed up at his house with more questions. Schaefer said a series of burning bank images he is painting will be displayed at a February show called “Disaster Capitalism”.

Burning Banks seem to stand for Big Business!

And once again I feel this might have been a missed chance for me to hit the monetary Jackpot. After all, I did build a bank at Burning Man, so I might as well have burned it in the desert. It could have attracted some undercover cop attention in Black Rock City with the resulting possibility of some media attention and maybe even resulting Ebay blockbuster sales of the ashes.

Or I could have invited Alex Schaefer to depict the scene in paint………..

10 thoughts on “Burning Banks make money

  1. Do you still dream of hitting the monetary jackpot?
    Haven't you figured out yet that ' the jackpot' can simple be a state of being….
    Always reflecting back at you in everything you need to be succesful in expressing
    your passion.

  2. Some banks will sue if depicted in a way deemed offensive and highly libelous by nature. I am glad that they got away with this one, we share the same sentiments on some banking policies that I find very shady.

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