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Art and Money

Art and Money are two concepts, which seem to be difficult to combine but still always keep meeting or looking for each other. A kind of indefinitely ongoing hate-love relationship between two persistently slutty types. Meaning that discussions, which arise around this topic are often pointless rants or end up in highly irritating incomprehensible professional gibberish.

So let’s take a simple, clear look: Money is a widely accepted medium of exchange or bartering. We don’t need to make that definition more complicated. The definition of art on the other hand will be a bit more difficult, and furthermore, one that touches upon a lot of people’s sensitivities. So, what does our mighty digital Oracle Wikipedia declare?

Art is anything made by man, which has as its goal to stimulate the human senses and mind through originality and /or beauty. This can be visual art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography) but also music, film, literature, theater, dance and architecture. Other human expressions, which are presumed to have little originality (simple paintings, Bouquet Series novels, exploitation films) or those expressions, which want to provoke and stimulate people for other reasons (eg advertising) are usually not included in the field of the arts, but the boundary between art and kitsch (non-art) is not an easy one to draw. (translated from the Dutch Wikipedia page)

Yeah right. This actually just confirms the existence of the whole problem. Although, if you take a clear look, you’ll actually notice it’s the artist himself who decides whether or not something is art the moment he or she starts creating. Want to make something to stimulate the senses and mind? Congratulations! You are about to make art. If in the future this might make you earn a lot of money, then that fact alone won’t change anything about the attitude, which was the starting point of the whole creation. In which case: congratulations again! Part of the excitement of making real art is always that you have no idea if anyone out there in the real world is waiting at all to see, experience, or hear your creations. In other words, whether making your work publicly available, will mean you’ll get rewarded. However, this becomes a whole different story once you start creating something,  of which you already know beforehand for sure that people will like or find positively stimulating. In short, pursuing art, which has already proved its worth. Predictable art with a predictable outcome. Just as many “artists” keep on endlessly repeating their own work in different variations and colors, because it sells so well.

Which means your work and ideas are born from market demands and not from your own inner muse, making you as artful as a carpenter making good chairs, because it’s a proven fact that people want good chairs. Nothing wrong with that, because we absolutely do need good carpenters and good craftsmen, but why on earth do a lot of these skilled craftsmen want to pose as an artist? Could it have something to do with the fact that a good carpenter never could fetch a couple of million for a good chair and a well-known artist potentially might have this possibility of earning millions for a chair, which is even too crappy made to sit on? I have my suspicions about those reasons……

Marc Newson’s Lockheed Lounge chair recently sold for $ 1.5 million

So art has in fact nothing to do with money, but a lot of people have completely reversed the relationship between art and money. They even judge art by its financial success. An ‘artist’ who earns millions, needs to be taken much more seriously than some poor devil who just makes something beautiful because that’s what he wants. But who tells us we need to do that? Well, mostly the people who profit from the fact that some ‘art’ brings in millions. Pretty logical. So we can still call the greatest nonsense serious art, as long as it brings in money in the pockets of savvy pseudo-intellectuals, who confirm this nonsense out of their own interests. But the Average Joe couldn’t care less. They already have a nice print of a crying Gypsy boy or girl hanging on their wall, or the new CD by Britney Spears.

22 thoughts on “Art and Money

  1. Crying over art? Pff, if you cant make something beautiful you should get out of the cave. Maybe paintng and making CD’s isn’t something the world wants from you. And if you want to pat yourself on the shoulder for being unique and not taxable for the gross: fine.. Believe in your own theories and be dickface

  2. @Hocus Focus: Sometimes you might need to believe in yourself when nobody else does. Because the fact that the world isn't ready for you right now, doesn't mean it won't be ready in a few years. It might mean you're just a bit ahead of the flock or herd.

    And, after all, if you don't sell you're not harming anyone else, only yourself. It's not as if you're killing or molesting people! In the worst case you'll add a little bit to the waste of our planet by throwing away your canvasses………

  3. @exchanghibition bank: you are going offtopic, it’s not like I find someone who makes crappy art harmful. I find them lying to themselves. If you are ahead of your time, good for you. All the greats in time however that were a bit ahead of the herd, had to deal with great problems.
    Making art just to be glorifying your poverty and disgust for ordinary people is however misleading to just yourself.
    Where Def P addresses the problem with tagging a creation he forgets to mention the other side of the coin: people who deliberately put themselves in the corner of the misheard artists. Because those people fuck it up for a lot of artists who actually do want to inspire with their work

  4. Art, Money and Time

    For years I have declared, "Time is Art". Being an artist myself, I utilize my
    time for the creation of art. Time is mine and I am the creator of my time. It is my time I use to live life, it is my time I use to love, it is my time I use to cook and eat, and it is my time I use to create art. Therefore, time is art for me.

    The term 'Time is Money' is despicable for the simple reason that my time is worth a great deal more then money, and the thought that money is worth more then time is an insult to humanity.

    Concluding that "Art is Money" is true when the time you use to create art becomes your means of monetary profit, and you can support yourself and family from it. Art becomes money when you are the master of your own art and the time you use to create it is as valuable if not more valuable then money.

  5. In my opinion, and that's just what it is, Art is merely a subjective representation of the world as the artist sees it. Nothing more nothing less. Money only comes into the equation when someone decides he/she wants to make a living selling their Art. And that's a matter of economics. Just my two cts.

  6. Nice to see that everbody is jumping on the discussion. That's what this is for right?
    My main point however is that the artist himself deceides wheter his product is art or not.
    All the people who are into art because of the money can say what they like, invest what they like or boost up any price, they don't make the art. When Vincent van Gogh was alive his art wasn't worth shit, look at it now. Is his art better now then it was then?

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  12. "Art and Money are two concepts, which seem to be difficult to combine but still always keep meeting or looking for each other." – It all depends on the angle from which these are been viewed.

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